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  • Interactive information dissemination system facilitating e-portfolios
  • Synchronized e-mail system allowing easy scheduling and execution of respective reminder / acknowledgement / promotional communications
  • Large document repository including festive / topical e-greetings viz. Diwali / New Year / Birthday / Anniversary greetings etc.
  • Tools and Planners to drive marketing effectiveness and maximize marketing spend
  • Data synchronization with VM PRO allowing you to build strong relationship with customers through proactive and attentive service quality


  • Online insurance portfolio
  • Interactive information dissemination system
  • E-portfolio
  • Policy based intimation system
  • E-greetings
  • Tools and Planners
  • Data synchronization with VM PRO
  • Synchronized e-mail system


  • User-friendly GUI — No HTML required
  • Policy Intimations: Premiums Due, Premiums Outstanding, S.B. Due, Maturities, etc. are automatically e-mailed or sent by SMS to your customers
  • Change your personal information anytime
  • Create your website in just 10 Mins

Online Services

  • Make Life Insurance and Mutual Fund Portfolios easily accessible to customers online
  • Provide useful features such as Insurance Charts, Premium Calendar, Cash Flow Chart, and Policy Status
  • Mutual Fund NAV, Current Asset Value, and Investment Status including Profit & Loss Reports (Individual / Family) — Updated in Real Time
  • Online Payment for LIC Premium
  • Simplified Policy Servicing through Automated Policy Capture
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Users Says

Yatish Prasad, Kolkata

Even with such a huge portfolio I spend most of my time in the field. Thanks to the Information Dissemination System, almost all my servicing activities are automatically handled efficiently and quickly. I cannot imagine how I would have been able to manage without it.

Bhushan Limaye, Mumbai

Right from sending greetings, to policy intimations & marketing campaigns run on my behalf, eCRMagic has created a lot of value for me. For me eCRMagic is not a luxury but a necessity.