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Datacomp has several mobile and tab based applications for intermediaries

  • A very powerful pre-sales application which empowers the advisors on the field.
  • Generates effective and visually striking presentations in seconds.
  • Advisors can share presentations via Datacomp’s exclusive mCloud service.


Magic Sales Concepts

  • Power of LIC
  • Why Retirement Planning?
  • Why Plan for Child’s future
  • Insurance need for young executives

Magic Combination Solutions

  • Retire & Enjoy
  • Smart Child
  • ATM
  • Magic Mix – a do-it-yourself combination tool

Plan Presentations

  • Plan Highlights
  • Personalized Benefits Illustration

Options Planner

  • Product Returns Spreadsheet
  • Premium Budget wise Options
  • Maturity wise Options

Need Analysis Tools

  • Human Life Value – Family Support approach
  • Human Life Value – Wealth Potential approach
  • Retirement Needs Calculator
  • Child Education Needs Calculator


  • Share your presentations with customers
  • Sync your data on the cloud server


Insurance Calculators

  • Premium Quotation
  • Backdating Interest
  • Latefee / Revival Quotation
  • Medical Requirements

Financial Calculators

  • How Far is my Goal
  • Savings Needed to reach Goal
  • Yield (IRR) Calculator
  • Fixed Deposit Returns
  • Recurring Deposit Returns
  • EMI Calculator
  • Income Tax Calculator
  • 1ProductOverview
  • 2NeedAnalysis
  • 3mColudService
  • 4Calculators