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The enterprise-class solutions of Datacomp Web Technologies automate the end-to-end processes of businesses from insurance and mutual fund industries. Classified into three broad categories Distribution Transformation, Sales Readiness, and Operational Excellence-our top notch solutions deliver concrete benefits of speed, accuracy, and cost-efficiency to the customer organizations. From Presales to Recruitment to Compliance to Customer Retention-our comprehensive solution stack addresses the specific business needs of insurance carriers, intermediaries, TPAs, agents, and advisors.

With over thirty years’ experience in developing software systems for the financial services industry, Datacomp has built leadership in solution expertise across cloud, mobile, and on-premise delivery models. With Datacomp’s world-class solutions, you

  • Track your agents’ performance, train them on product sales, and terminate misinformation by authorized representatives.
  • Improve the transparency, profitability, and speed of your operations.
  • Turn each of your business functions cost-efficient and paperless.

Datacomp offers a wide range of software solutions to automate the business processes of insurers, mutual funds, and intermediary organizations-end-to-end.

  • Agency
  • Bancassurance
  • Broker
  • Online
  • Witness exponential growth in your Agency operations with Datacomp’s enterprise-class solutions tailor-made for intermediaries
  • Automate your lead-to-deal processes improving accuracy and speed of operations
  • Enable your sales executives to organize routine tasks such as Appointments, Customer Calls, Lead Tracking, and Reminders about Renewal Dates, Premium Due Dates, and Anniversaries
  • Push sales via alternate channels such as Bancassurance
  • Equip your bank channels with research on products-on-demand
  • Disseminate marketing information with key Bancassurance stakeholders regularly
  • Monitor stakeholder performance in real-time
  • Grow your brokerage business by leaps and bounds with Datacomp’s top-quality automation solutions
  • Improve transparency and visibility of every business function
  • Engage with all key stakeholders-from consumers to TPAs to policy administration to support executives-without hassles or handicap
  • Harness the fastest growing online sales channel with Datacomp’s future-ready digital solutions portfolio
  • Ensure that your online presence is up-to-date
  • Recommend the right product to the apt buyer by analyzing the prospect’s investment needs and demographic profile in real time
  • Improve customer engagement with regular communication flow and updates